Power and Light Press

Kyle Durrie, the creative force behind the letterpress studio, Power & Light Press, has seen a fair share of highways in her life. Spending her early years in New York City and DC, she continued to experience adulthood in Portland, ME, Asheville, NC, Portland, OR and most recently Silver City, NM. It was during one of her road trips when Kyle fell in love with all the tiny post offices in all the tiny towns she encountered along the way. She made over 30 drawings of her favorites which she later turned into the Tiny Post Office postcard set, a celebration of the ol’ trusty post office. It is this classic, authentic and adventurous style which first drew me to Power & Light Press.


As a kid Kyle was always creatively working with her hands. However, she didn’t find her passion for printmaking until she attended Bowdoin College in Maine and then on to Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. At a certain point her fondness towards letterpress did not arrive as surprise! “It’s like a natural extension of the art-making I had been doing.”

frankie and the press

Kyle primarily prints on a 12×16 Chandler & Price Craftsman from 1926 or as she says “The Beast!” She designs most of her work on the computer or scans in drawings she’s done on paper. Still, Kyle is old-school and works with antique type and cuts from time to time, as well as printing her posters from antique wood type.



Power & Light Press is a collection of creative, thoughtful, and witty work with just a twist of dark humor. Kyle finds inspiration from the oddest places, keeping a notebook on her at all times to jot ideas down. “I love thinking about the way people really talk to one another, and I try to capture some of the those very, um, honest sentiments in my work…And then there are tons of super random ideas that just make me laugh. I figure, if it makes me laugh, it will probably make someone else laugh, too!”


Thanks to you and your fabulous Power & Light Press, you definitely put a smile on our faces, Kyle! Can’t wait to see you and your goods at the National Stationery Show next week!