Jonna Twigg, Twigg’s Bindery


Being an artist and designer, Jonna Twigg found herself in the book binding business out of necessity, rather than out of intention. In 2002, using the materials she had on hand, Jonna began binding her own sketchbooks. She gradually realized the enjoyment which came with constructing each book and found herself using stronger materials, often thick, leather hide, to cover her books. In 2009, Jonna stepped into her first bookbinding class at The Center for Book Arts in Manhattan where she learned the process of making fabric covered books in traditional binding styles. At the same time, her commitment to the craft grew as she learned this once essential form was in danger of becoming a relic. Following a period of re-imagining and creating books to suit her own aesthetic, Jonna launched Twigg’s Bindery in November 2012.

twigg-books-1Jonna thoroughly resourced her material suppliers, often making a personal connection with visits to factories. It was important for each one of her suppliers to respect the environment, appreciate the art of handcraft, and take pride in their work. Almost all material used to create Twigg’s Bindery journals are produced in the United States.

The pleasure of working with her hands is a method Jonna has come to love. After years of refining techniques and processing, the time she spends creating her journals is reflective. As Jonna puts it, her work provides, “A chance to meditate on new ideas, the events of the day or even to clear the mind to ready for new things. It’s in those moments that I generally find a better way to do things.”

twigg-books-2Twigg’s Bindery’s products, with its signature Long-stitch binding style, are used for many purposes; journals, sketchbooks, recipe books, guest books, quote books, address books, everyday notebooks. Her sister, who works at the White House, keeps an Octavo Long-stitch to document and record her meetings, future plans, and insights. It’s a thrill for Jonna to see how each book becomes unique to the owner.

While attending The Stationery Show in New York this Spring I had the pleasure of visiting Jonna in her space in Brooklyn. The environment in which she creates her pieces are as authentic and welcoming as one could imagine. And Jonna, herself, is as lovely as her books. We are beyond excited to share her line with all of you.

When Jonna is not book binding for Twigg’s Bindery, she spends time archiving for the Guggenheim and the National September 11 Memorial Museum.

Lastly, don’t miss the exclusive to Brown Ink Paper Goods journal which she custom designed using our signature blue. Cheers Jonna!!