Our Heiday

Many of us have big dreams in life but it’s not always so easy to make them a reality. Determination, guts and a bit of chance..that’s what Patricia Shen displayed while making the jump two years ago from law school to founding and creating her very own stationery line! But let’s begin from the very beginning….


 Growing up in Southern California, Patricia’s mother was an avid supporter of her daughter’s creativity. “I remember having a sketch book in my hand even before I could read or write. She’d encourage my sister and me to draw the places that we traveled to after we settled in after a long day of sightseeing.” Her mother, both an artist and entrepreneur, started her own business hand crafting accessories, while always hand lettering the name of her company as a branding tool. Such the forward thinker with hand lettering, being so prevalent today!



 Creativity runs in her family. Patricia’s aunts started their own greeting card line 10 years ago, printing and distributing one of the aunt’s original oil paintings. Patricia is still surprised – and extremely proud – to have followed in their footsteps. Heiday is named after her mother and her four sisters whose Korean names begin with the word “Hei” and without their influence, Our Heiday would not exist.


Patricia started UCLA Law immediately after graduating from college but it took two years to realize she had no desire to spend her career behind a desk reading documents, briefs or filling paperwork. She decided to not finish her third year, feeling the creative frustration brewing inside, ready to explode. Beginning just one year ago, Patricia channeled all of that energy into Our Heiday, where she runs her company, illustrating cards and art prints.
Our-Heiday-V Our-Heiday-VI

Patricia finds inspiration everywhere in life. “Living in downtown LA, there are days when I’m taking my dog for a walk and I catch the way the sun has casted light on a building and that becomes an immediate color palette. There are days where I have to surround myself with interior design, architecture, fine art, nature and fashion for anything to flow. They all seem like such cliche markers of inspiration, but there are so many beautiful things available at the click of a button these days.”

 Living in a loft in the heart of downtown Los Angeles with her husband and dog, Remy, it’s exciting for Patricia to feel the creative buzz of each day. Although the rapid gentrification can be disturbing at times, it feels like the right time to be in the midst of it all. With their windows facing East, Patricia is calmed by the morning sunrise in the quiet of the day before the hustle and bustle of the city kicks in.


 Brown Ink is so pleased to add Our Heiday to our line of Designers and even more thrilled Patricia took a chance! Her hand lettering is beautifully authentic and her illustrations make us smile.