Quill & Fox

Growing up in a rigid Catholic private school in the Philippines, Yas Imamura became more interested in the arts rather than academics. Art was her one great escape. Yas found her own self-identity and self-worth through this form of creativity, molding her in a positive direction.


The ever-kid in Yas has always driven her to illustrate. She even took a break from illustrating when her thoughts of a more durable career path led her to Advertising. It was not until she met her now husband, Andrew, in design school in Portland, OR when she realized her love of art could become a viable professional choice. This realization, plus her love of stationery, gave Yas the drive she was needing to create her very own stationery line.


The story behind the name Quill & Fox is simple; the combination of a typeface infatuation with the letter Q and an inherent love Yas has for foxes. In the end, Quill & Fox was a perfect stationery line name. Yas and Andrew began their company from a small, spare room, literally working off a home printer. It was an exciting start, learning the ropes along the way.


They’ve since expanded, moving to an apartment which better suits the work layout they require as well as giving room for Andrew to run his own animation company. Perhaps one day we’ll find Quill & Fox in its own brick and mortar. Either way, these two are grounded in the Northwest, enjoying the “calm yet ever so curious vibe of the city” where they peel back layers as they grow and explore uncharted places.
photo5Their goal as a shop has always been founded on the kind of lifestyle they want to live and not the other way around. Yas feels she has finally found the true core of herself, through her love of animation and the glorious Pacific Northwest. Thanks for the inspiration Quill & Fox!