Sisters Patricia and Rachel Mumau are the multi-talented, founding duo of Fawnsberg. They live together with their family on a farm in New York’s orchard country, on the ridge of Lake Ontario. Looking back, the sisters grew up sharing much in life together…a bunk bed, sewing projects for the 4-H Club, creating vacation bible school scenery and high school musical sets, to name a few. They made a good team. When Patricia headed to Italy to attend the European Honors Program at the Rhode Island School of Design and Rachel stayed in the states to attend college, letter writing became their main mode of communication. Through those correspondences, the idea of creating their own studio began to brew.


In December 2009, soon after Patricia’s contemporary calligraphy art began to be noticed and adored on Etsy, Rachel jumped in to support her sister help run the growing business. The following two years were ones of 80-hour work weeks full of sleepless nights and busy weekends. This sister duo was, once again, a good-fitted team!

fawnsberg envelope_cropped_print

Along with writing hand-calligraphy for wedding invitation envelopes, creating calligraphic logos, and numerous graphic design projects, Patricia used her handwriting to create rubber address stamps. The fans went wild. The stamps made it on the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES Magazine, Town and Country Weddings, and graced the posts of top design blogs such as Swiss Miss, Oh So Beautiful Paper and Design*Sponge (I use my Drift Stamp daily!).

In 2011 the sisters launched their line of illustrated stationery, Fawnsberg, at the National Stationery Show in New York City. Patricia and Rachel had a forever passion of letter writing and believed in the value of hand-written correspondence. However, they could never find satisfactory writing sheets, so they set about making their own paper goods. Their writing sheets were a success and at the 2012 Stationery Show they expanded the Fawsnberg line to contain illustrated cards along with the classic boxed writing sheets.


multiple cards-web

So what keeps these two going? Simply, each other and their mutual love of writing through letters. Patricia, being the natural illustrator, and Rachel, a wiz with customer service, order fulfillment, and inventory management, work beautifully as a business pair. They feel life is for each other and this is the message they hope shines through their life and work. It’s why they believe in meaningful, personal correspondence, and taking the time to write it out on paper. In today’s digital world, life can be fast and easy. But they see that all communication is not equal. As Patricia put it, ” Sure, there’s a time for the fast text off the cuff; digital exchange is great for taking-care-of-business talk. But there are other times when communication should be gourmet. When it comes to things like gratitude, connecting with a friend who is far away, sympathy, birthday wishes, holiday greetings, or a heart felt congratulations–paper just fits.”


To learn even more about the Fawnsberg sister-duo, check out their About page. Also, don’t miss Rachel’s most recent social media campaign, themed #gratefulforthis. She’s encouraging others to take notice and share the small details in life we often take for granted. By reminding ourselves of the little luxuries which we encounter in our day-to-day lives, (the sun, a friend’s smile, a meaningful letter, the perfect novel), our values change and our spirits rise.

Brown Ink Paper Goods looks forward to expanding our Fawnsberg collection this year and meeting with these two, lovely ladies at the National Stationery Show in New York. Congrats sisters!