Brown Parcel Press

Although Megan Fowler, the creator behind the small letterpress and design shop Brown Parcel Press, grew up in Georgia surrounded by a creative family, she never believed her future would be in the arts. Raised by parents who wonderfully encouraged their children to explore whatever interest was intriguing, she was considering a future in biology and neuroscience, potentially med-school bound. Feeling lost Freshman year, Megan soon realized the artistic cauldron brewing inside of her was unavoidable. Once she was accepted into the arts school of the University of Georgia, where she concentrated on woodblock and letterpress printing, she never looked back!

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Brown Parcel Post began in 2007 while Megan was still in school after falling in love with letterpress printing. The crispness, clarity, and elegance of each visible impression on paper drew her in. Fast forward to 2010, Megan and her husband bought a farm in Sparta, Georgia and spent two years actively farming livestock on the family’s property in addition to running a 2-acre vegetable CSA farm for another family…while running Brown Parcel Press!



In 2010 after Megan had her first child and needed more support, her mother, Gaelle, came onboard, temporarily, for some much needed help. Soon both woman relished this new energy and talent in the studio. Although at first only a printer, Gaelle is now a vital part of the creative team, helping with custom color mixing and tweaking designs as necessary.


All of Brown Parcel Press work begins with a pen or pencil drawing, finding inspiration from the colors and patterns of the natural world. They print nearly all of their work on a Vandercook SP – 20 printer, a workhorse Megan refers to as her “Pride & Joy.” The team are big fans of changing details on the press, and designs change drastically between digital ideation and finished printed product. Brown Parcel Press uses only 100% Tree Free Paper and do their best to create the smallest impact on our planet and its natural resources.


With a second daughter arriving this Spring, nothing seems to be stopping Megan with future ideas. This Fall & Winter Brown Parcel Press is collaborating with a favorite food blogger and releasing a small line of customizable stationery as well as designing a new calendar, a favorite piece to print. Megan hopes to focus a little more on illustration directed by children, pushing them to see how they can relate to their environment visually.



The story behind the name Brown Parcel Press began in 2007 while Megan was still in school. She was dating a meticulous gift wrapper, using only brown packaging paper with a little extra oomph to move the gift from plain to perfect. Megan says, “I never wanted to open the presents because the wrapping was almost better. I thought the push and pull of using plain materials but making it something special was what I was hoping to do. Little did I know that kraft paper, baker’s twine, and Kinfolk simplicity were all about to explode. Life’s funny that way sometimes.”


Be sure to follow Megan’s instagram at @brownparcelpress to catch her adventures of farm and paper studio life! And check out her recent collection at Brown Ink Paper Goods.