Welcome. Glad you’re here.

Brown Ink was born from a love for handwriting. Nick and I were taught the importance of handwriting as a tool worthy of pursuit and development. Shoeboxes filled with personalized stationery, letters, and countless journals can be found throughout our home. Our writing continues today through travel journals, letters to our children, and notes to friends as well as to each other. Words create our history and without question, handwriting brings balance and emotion to our lives, through both the act of writing and its physical result.

Initially started as a blog to inspire handwriting, Brown Ink Paper Goods was launched as an online boutique featuring our favorite stationery, journals and writing related goods. We are drawn to goods that enhance the everyday by encouraging communication and mindful living. There has never been a more important time to slow down and relish the power in handwriting; the excitement of receiving a letter, the beauty of becoming acquainted with a new friend’s penmanship, or the gifts you receive through journaling the now.

We invite you to join us.

Wendy and Nick Brown