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A Holiday in My World

Did you know today is a holiday? Honestly. Well, in my mind today’s National Handwriting Day should be an official, full-fledged, no school, and no screens kind of a holiday where everyone sits down at a pub, bus stop, or front steps and writes. I’m well aware my dreams are big. However, in honoring this day I’m revealing the expansion of my own letterpress line, Brown Ink Paper Goods!

mountains-2-1600x1600-3 copy

My love of letterpress stationery, while incorporating vintage printing blocks, has not slowed a bit since the launch of the store. Thanks to my dear friend Jean Glenn, from Pomegranate Press, we’ve come up with a beautiful line of cards for everyone for any occasion.

bolts-star-cross-3 copy

Many styles of the collection were revealed at NorthernGrade in November and were met with authentic excitement! I will be introducing more styles as the year unfolds so keep a look out.

CU-dog-1600x1600-2 copy
dipped-love-4 copy

Our new Valentine’s card from the With Love collection is hot off the press. Jean and I decided to give another level of personal touch to each card by dipping these beautiful cotton pieces into Cherry Kool-Aid. This Dipped Love is my new favorite by far!

jockey-1-1600x1600-3 copy

Here’s to keeping handwriting alive in anyway I can. Enjoy the holiday weekend fellow writers!

cool mom.

Although not so common these days, I love finding little nuggets of wisdom on the radio that ring true. So while I was driving back from my father’s farm after an early holiday gathering last month, I caught my favorite radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, and found Mr.Garrison Keillor speaking in his always wise yet kind voice, channeling right to my heart…

“Things are changing around us, you older people. Instagram is now the thing. It’s more popular now than Twitter. It surpassed Twitter here this past week. Facebook? No, I don’t think so. Old people have now taken over Facebook. And young people are running as fast as they can to get away from this because you don’t want your mother to see pictures of you and your friends that night you got hammered, you just don’t. So where are you gonna go when Instagram is over taken by geezer as you know it will be? Well, I have an idea for you. If you take a pen and write down on paper. And you put this in an envelope and you mail it to somebody its security is pretty darn, well guaranteed. And your parents and your grandparents are not going to look at this. But this will be around for decades and decades. So that your children will be able to see how cool you were. This may be useful for you someday.”


Now this bit of insight might be something I’m well aware of. Even so, it was a reminder and a reinforcement of the value of handwriting, be it a letter, journal, document, or whatever. Just a hunch, but I’m guessing my children won’t be looking at my Instagram account in 30, 40 years. By that time I’m sure they’ll have moved forward to a more modern device 10 steps from where we are today. But they will have my journals, letters to their father, and also to them. My hope is for my written words to provide them with a glimpse into how I spent my days in single, married and mothering years, the many highs and lows that come with each season, the scribbles, the smudges and hopefully the close-to-legible writing as my life slows down. Maybe I’ll even look like a cool lady, a cool mom. I’m pretty sure they’ll simply be happy to carry these written words for decades and decades.

Ice Globes

It’s a new year. And after two weeks of winter vacation at home with the Brown Family of five making ice globes, moving hysterically to Wii’s Just Dance, baking, reading a pile of cook books and organizing every nook in the house, I’m ready for some fresh blood. Perfect timing to spotlight Patricia Shen, the designer and founder behind Our Heiday, our Featured Designer and the latest addition to our line of Designers at Brown Ink Paper Goods. Be sure to check out her inspirational story as well as her beautiful paper goods.

Our-Heiday-II Our-Heiday-IAlso, for those still looking for a last post-holiday sale, Brown Ink holiday goods and 2015 calendars are 40-50% off through this coming weekend. Grab yourself a deal and maybe you’ll even find a Thank You note set to help boost writing those needed Thank You’s hanging over your head this time of year.