Red & Pink All Over

We at Brown Ink Paper Goods have been busy restocking, finding or creating fresh, new lines for all you paper goods fans. Enjoy…and more to come soon!

Once again we collaborated with Pomegranate Press to create a line of heartfelt cards which I’m crazy about!! These notes are perfect to send to a friend or loved one for Valentine’s Day but also can be easily used for any occasion. The XOXO’s were made from wood blocks and both the heart notecards were created with vintage letterpress type.

doublehearts2 doublehearts3Two Hearts Card Set

xoxo2XOXO Card Set



Starry Heart Card Set

We also asked Jonna at Twigg’s Bindery to create a few more colors from her Cardinal Long-stitch Leather Journals series since they were so popular last year.

journals3Pink Cardinal Long-stitch Leather Journal

journals4Cyan Cardinal Long-stitch Leather Journal

Let’s get our PINK & RED ON with a variety of goods from Brown Ink…

To Do List in hot pink by le typographer helps keep life in order.

Delfonics makes a sweet baby pink Ballpoint Wood Pen for all your scribbles of love.

Poppy colored Kraft Journal from Sideshow Press would make any writer warm inside! Also ideal for children for story writing or adventures over the winter months.

Octavo Long-stitch Fabric Journal in hot pink, another fabulous product from Twigg’s Bindery, can be the catalyst for a journal you write with a child or your other-half. Or a personal, inspirational journal of all that you love and wish for in the years ahead. 

Use the Peony Ticket List as a coupon book for your favorite mate (good for cleaning the car, movie date in the VIP section,  alone time in house, foot rub, etc.).

We still have a few items left for SALE in our Holiday collection for those looking for a deal.  Too much goodness to go untouched. So spread the word that love is in the Brown Ink house!

11 thoughts on “ Red & Pink All Over

    1. wendy Post author

      Cheers Dan! Keep on writing. Now we just need to get your boys to use some of the Seattle ‘Hood fabulous cards out there in the NW!

  1. Cheryl Hauser

    Beautiful, beautiful selection for Valentine’s Day. Can”t wait to order some and write personal notes to loved ones. Brown Ink Paper Goods is the BEST!

  2. Carrie

    Awesome selection…you know I love my Le typographer To Do List and Ticket List that you gave me for Christmas!! Use the To Do’s at work and many have noticed/complimented me on it. Of course I tell them to find it on Brown Ink! 🙂

    1. wendy Post author

      Thanks for spreading the love for Brown Ink Paper Goods, Ms.Carrie. And so pleased you’re loving your goods!! xoxo

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