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40 More to Go

Before the summer season officially comes to an end this Sunday evening, (to be precise, the Fall Equinox begins at 10:29 P.M), I felt it might be a good time to file away my 40th Birthday cards which have been displayed on my desk for almost a month now (birthdays are a big deal in this household and we tend to hold on to cards for a long time, no surprise there).

Maybe it was because I was turning the big 4-0 this year, but I was dizzy with the awesomeness of the variety of birthday cards I received. I thought, why not share my favorites with the rest of you all? So, here goes my first (and potentially annual) “Best Birthday Card” on-line award ceremony. Drum roll please…

The Award for “Best Advice Card”, we had a three-way tie…


Kelly with Interesting over 40Bernard Baruch quote from Cynthia & Tim, and Alecia’s hinting it’s good to Make Mistakes in life. Way to make me feel young, friends!

The award for “Most Thinking-Outside-the-Box Card” goes to a few as well…

nellie Nellie for enjoying the youthful card, even including a ’73 Charlie’s Angels trading card,


Aunt Wendy with my favorite children’s illustrator, Lois Lenski Fireside Poems, and “Portland” Katie with her daughter Ruby’s, handmade card titled Animals. High on originality, folks.

For the “Most Beautifully Written Card” the award goes to….


..Michelle for her appreciation of the gorgeous Banquet art!! (she sells large prints at her store).

For the “Most Appropriate Card” drum roll for…


 …both Ron & Mekea, since we consumed a few tacos that evening! (both with fab print, btw)

For simply the “Most Beautiful Card” it’s yet another three-way tie…


between Alison’s Flowering Tree card, Mary’s artsy scene from screech owl design, and Cindy’s circus card from Beatrice Coron’s beautiful cut art. Difficult to select one as you can see.

And for the “Most Lovely Handmade Card”…


 …applause to Ms. Lervick, the James’s kiddos, Italian Amy, Nicole and Ollie. These are my favs!

Before finishing my award ceremony, I need to give a few bonus points for the following categories, starting with wrapping paper, a three-way tie…


Alecia for crafty re-use of our bedroom wallpaper sample, Jill who hand wrote the entire paper, and Mark & Jean for using their architectural scraps. Oh-so-wonderfully green, my friends!

Big smiles to my dear Jean who created beautifully, personalized letterpress stationery for me.(..which you can also find for yourself at her new Pomegranate Press Etsy store!)


Adored my illustrated 40…


from Ms. Jenni, commissioned from the artist Emily Synder, aka Queen Quills.

And lastly, to the most thoughtful, homemade gift…


…a hand sewn 40th book from Vicki, for friends to write wishes for the Birthday Girl. Just lovely.

So, I hope to have not come across as boastful! Truly, it’s all about the love and excitement around the presentation of one’s writing and my hope to inspire others in finding the enjoyment of not only giving but writing!! Here’s to 40 more years of my handwriting.


This past weekend as I was filing away a few books (Nick is notorious for loaning his male friends a good read or two), I came across the Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan. Completely old-school style, copyright 1969, hippie in leotard and tights kind of a guide. It’s fabulous. But what I found inside felt even more vintage. Hidden in between the pages was a postcard mailed from my Uncle Will-Bill in Ely to his sister and nieces in the “cities” in July 1998.

Hi, ya’ all. An after thought on the yoga book – 1) Read + follow all the instructions everyday. 2) Set aside a 1/2 hours to do each day’s program. 3) Don’t push yourself to extreme positions, let your body find the point where it’s comfortable. 4) Go slowly through each posture. 5) Be patient with yourself. Love – W

An instant smile appeared on my face, and flashbacks of my Uncle demonstrating his yoga moves on the sunny porch of his log cabin filled my head. He was persistent with the idea we all needed to integrate yoga as a daily practice. At the time, there was no need for yoga in our lives (pre Blooma for my sister, I simply ran and rarely stretched, and mom’s more of lifetime speed walker). Not only did Uncle Will-Bill hand over his yoga “bible” he’d been carrying around since practicing in the Moab Desert in the 60’s, but he followed up with a handwritten card, so we would remember his recommendation, his poses. I hear of few people these days who take the time to advise or reach out to a friend on a meaningful topic through a handwritten note.


15 years has passed and my Uncle is not stretching as much as he used to. I wonder, if I mailed him back the book and included the postcard (although it might need to be a photocopy because the original is a keeper!), would he start the practice up again? Looking at his own writing, it might hit a chord. He might even strike a pose or two.