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This afternoon, while my tooth was being drilled for a crown fitting (good times), I took my mind off the chainsaw noise and zoned out to orchestral music on a headset provided by the dentist assistant. Oddly enough and bit scary to admit, this was the first time I took a breath and relaxed for a moment since returning home from vacation. It’s been nonstop movement.

I realize I can’t complain. It was a sheer gift for the five Browns to spend two weeks in the little town of Manzanita on the Oregon coast, leaving nearly all commitments back at home. I had time to read, play hard, rest well, and write often in the half-dozen journals I lugged with me (you can’t think I’m joking, can you?). Actually, one of my highlights was Oliver asking for his very own journal, to “hold memories from the trip.” Big smile.

Which leads me to today. With too many topics spinning in my mind, I’m going to leave you with a few of my latest and favorite finds.

I found this brilliant book, Post Secret, at the local Cloud & Leaf Bookstore on the coast (it now sits on our coffee table.) The author, Frank Warren, asked strangers to write down their inner secrets on a postcard and then send his way. His mailbox has been full ever since. Frank now runs the blog, Post Secret, where he displays his recent favorite cards, Sunday Secrets.

While attending the Stationery Show in May I met the Holstee folks, a company who focuses on mindful living.  Their latest project is a handmade, wooden frame to display any 5×7 card, turning stationery into art. Another worthy Kickestarter! (only 5 days left, so check it out)


Dalton H. Ghetti began sharpening his own pencils by hand as a little boy. As an adult, he’s turned his talent into both art and a meditation for himself.

Image of What to Pack Card Set

While in Portland for the night, I visited my favorite store Alder and Co and found a fabulous stationery line, Small Adventure, new to my eyes. (thanks for the tip Yas at Quill and Fox!)

Image of Slingshot Notecard

Finally, with the chorus of crickets chirping outside my window, summer is coming to an end. Enjoy.


P.S. Cheers for school teachers who still handwrite cards!

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  1. Cheryl Hauser

    Oh my sweet Wendy..did you notice that Mr. Janssen’s note is upside down? Actualy it’s sort of sweet that way. Perhaps you wanted to view it the way Beea often looks at books. XOXOX


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