Bubble Letters


During most visits to my in-laws’ home, I notice a piece of writing Nick created which sits prominently in his parent’s office. I love the gold frame and the blue matting. I love Nick’s signed name (as if it were needed) in the bottom corner, with the opposite corner torn. I notice the selection of colors, the change from lower to uppercase I’s. He most likely made this in art class, or perhaps goofing off at home. He wasn’t afraid to make bubble letters as most girls did at that age.

The piece captures Nick as a kid even more than a photo may share. By framing his work from grade school, his mom made him feel important and gave applause to writing. Maybe instead of artwork or photographs we all can start framing more handwritten words. A war letter from a great-grandparent, an apology note from one child to another, a greeting card from your past, a reply to a wedding invite. It might cause one to pause for more than a second and think about a different time, a younger version of someone you know or honor someone who has passed.  Handwriting equals art, it works for me.

2 thoughts on “ Bubble Letters

  1. Hilary Bullock

    Yes! I love handwriting. As I’ve been going through old business files, I come across the writing of everyone who has worked for me. Memories come flooding back. I see that person and remember how our lives intertwined.


    Thanks for the post Wendy!


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