An Off-the-Grid Grin

Twin Citians have slowly been crawling out of the dark over the past 6 days. After two nights of epic (sorry, a word often used by our boys) wind and rain storms, the power was knocked out in hundreds of communities, a record setter.  Most people were not too pleased about their warm homes, lack of hot water, pitching every item in their freezers, iMacs out. I could go on. But honestly, I didn’t mind a bit.

After four days of no power, I was secretly hoping for a few more dark and calm moments in the house. While Nick was grinning ear to ear soon after electricity was rocking our homestead, I was wanting to go back in time.  There was a calmness in our home I had not felt for awhile. The boys stopped asking if they could watch a “show”; I was unable to work on Brown Ink Paper Goods or watch Mad Men episodes in the evening; there were no distractions like the laundry or emails piling up; no Instagram to follow. Instead, I sat beside my battery-powered lantern, (I was pushing for candles but Nick refused additional heat on our 1st floor), and wrote the letters I’d been wanting to write for the past month. With all the darkness and quiet surrounding me, without any electricity I was more focused than ever. I was present and I loved it.

Although I was not out in the public that often during the post-storm days, a friend of mine noticed a change. People were conversing more than usual, versus looking at their phones. There was a simple yet noticeable change in this face-to-face communication.

Did communities take anything away from this pause in their lives? It’s unclear. But maybe this summer we can all put our gadgets to the side, at least a few nights a week, grab a pen and write…whatever, to whomever. Connecting with yourself and others, a break in the action and a needed respite for many I’d imagine. I admit I enjoy and appreciate, even more lately, the coolness to my once toasty bed but I’d get off-the-grid for a quiet moment on most nights these days.

On a paper note, if you are in need of gorgeous writing and office supplies and live close to Minneapolis, head over to russell and hazel. It’s their annual Sidewalk Sale now through Sunday where they’ve unloaded lovely goods for fantabulous prices. Go run, not walk…especially since most of us will return to cool, electrical powered homes. Lucky us? That’s the head scratcher.

3 thoughts on “ An Off-the-Grid Grin

  1. Jill

    Do you know the kids’ book BLACKOUT? I’ll put it in Ollie’s box. It will be fun to read after your power-free week.

  2. Jill

    And of course I can’t find it now! I will keep looking. In the meantime, know the thought is there. 🙂


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