Peter Pan

There is something about the Peter Pan ride at Walt Disney World which continues to give me a thrill. As many times as I ride in that ship, flying high above the lights of London, I never get tired of the feeling. And this is exactly how I feel about writing out the word Mom. I’ve had the chance more often these days. Sometimes on lunch box notes, or writing in the kids’ journals. But it always feels so fresh to me.


I often can’t believe I am writing this word down. How did I get so fortunate to become a mom? Do I really have three kids? Breathe in, breathe out. That’s sometimes how I feel when I write the word Mom. It’s an emotion like none other, achieved through the simple act of writing three letters.

9 thoughts on “ Peter Pan

  1. Cheryl

    Wow. Thanks for reminding me to breathe and contemplate the wonder of being a mom. Especially wonderful is the joy it still brings as my Josh will be turning 40 and Alex, 38! And you and Sarah, my dear daughters of my heart and soul. I am so blessed.
    XXXs, Cheryl C

  2. Gail

    Still feel funny when signing “mom” and wonder how it can be me. Great post on the day we honor all the moms out there!

  3. Cheryl Hauser

    It’s a strange feeling. I know that I am a Mom but I still pinchmyself to believe that the daughters I birthed are Moms themselves and in all honesty, I am thrilled and honored to have mothered my daughters who are such fantastice Moms. It is a wonderous thing!


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