use a little, grow a little

As much as I use paper on a day-to-day basis I am also aware of the consumption at home. Every few weeks a large bag or two filled with Emmett’s homework (shhh), junk mail, and used paper material sits on our sidewalk waiting to be recycled. I feel alright knowing I’m doing my part but by how much?

Paper makes up the largest percentage of the municipal solid waste stream at 33%. It’s also one of the most recovered materials, as recycling opportunities are often readily available. About 34% of the fiber used to make new paper products in the US comes from recycled sources with the rest from whole trees, wood chips and scraps from sawmills.

So what’s a paper lover to do? Aside from personal recycling and purchasing of environmentally friendly paper goods, one can buy tree. I’m serious. And now is the perfect time. Next Friday April 26th is National Arbor Day, when people are encouraged to plant and care for trees. And thanks to a little research from my aunt Angell, I have plenty of sites to guide you in making this decision.

The Arbor Foundation makes it simple to support tree planting throughout the country, from a small donation to buying a tree.

Aunt Angell is a strong supporter of all things tree-y, and is a part of Friends of the Trees of Ely, a group dedicated to supporting the life of trees in their city.

For those Minneapolitans who would consider planting a tree in the parks or boulevards, do it through the Park & Recreation Board.

When looking for more reasons to plant a tree, take a look at Resilience which prides itself on building strong communities.


Of course, if the purchase of a tree is not in the budget, look for opportunities where trees are automatically donated such as Postography, a simple App for your smart phone. Not only do they use vegetable ink on 100% recycled paper made from 60% post consumer waste but for every 20 cards you send a tree is planted. Love an App which just keeps on giving!!

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