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Kids these days (I can say that being almost 40, right?). Lately, I’ve been particularly delighted by the creations young adults are behind, especially when they have something to do with handwriting.

Michael Polk, a young documentarian, is creating a film titled Making Mail. It’s about a group of artists who are spreading their art not just through the mail but the mail is the art itself. Michael feels, “In a world where most communication has moved online, these people have embraced the physicality of mail and turned it into an incredibly intimate art form.” How awesome.

This past March the film completed its funding via Kickstarter and Michael has begun filming. We’ll keep you posted if or when it reaches the indie film circuit.

Another impressive young one is Hannah Brencher, the founder of More Love Letters. I wrote about her last year and since then she has created quite the team of letter writers. Their mission is for people to move away from Twitter, email and other apps and start writing letters to those who could use (who couldn’t?) some joy in their lives.

One of the aspects I most appreciate about this group is how simple it is to get involved. I just signed up to start writing love letters (no pressure on the amount, even one a month will due) and I’m also considering hosting my own writing party this summer.

Finally, two 20-year-old blokes from Australia are fighting the potential death of the postcard with PhotoPostcards. They create a postcard with your photo and words, then drop it in the mail for you. Even I, currently an instagram addict, find receiving a photo postcard in the mail a welcoming change from the nanosecond travel updates  I view on my iPhone.

Twenty-somethings making their mark in the name of writing. Well done.

5 thoughts on “ making a mark

  1. Kari LeWin-Mills

    I Love this!!!! Especially Hannah Brencher- absolutely beautiful words she had to say about what she is doing in life and why. Wow. Also, I loved watching her write- I have 2 kids that have a grip very similar to hers, somewhat quirky and it doesn’t look comfortable to me at least. But what comes out, what comes out is sheer poetry. Lovely- especially for a Monday. Thank you:) xo

  2. Wendy

    Thanks for your words, dear. I think Hannah is quite the mover and shaker in this big old world. Get ready for an invite for a Love Letter Writing party!

  3. Alecia Stevens

    Love this, Wendy! The world just plain needs more art and beautiful, fun, quirky, personal things to look at. Family friend and Minneapolis native, Sam Utne, has created Postography ( a way to turn your own photo immediately into a postcard with your own message. Pretty cool!

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