fire up. up. up. up.

After the recent news of the USPS possibly dropping the Saturday delivery, I’ve noticed more and more opportunities to send a letter in the mail.

Black Sheep Postal Service first caught my eye on instagram around Valentine’s Day. This service was not simply sending out cards but ginormous Valentine’s hearts around the country. It all started with a guy named Justin Kerr who loved writing cards to friends but rarely received one in return. Black Sheep was created for the people who have good intentions to write but never get around to picking up a pen. This is where Justin steps in with his hand-crafted cards and ambition to keep people staying in touch with those they care about. Black Sheep offers many card options including monthly, birthday, and holidays. We love this man with a mission.



For those other similarly good-intentioned people who are stuck to their phone, let me introduce cleverbug. This phone app allows you to send a printed, personalized card (even including pictures from Facebook) directly from your phone to their home. No, it’s not handwritten but if this fires up the “younger” generation to appreciate snail mail for a change, we’re all for it.

Lastly, we wanted to mention a piece our friend, Julie Kesti, posted this last week on brown ink.  Julie is one of those amazing women who finds beauty in everything she sees. She is an artist who also has a fondness towards writing letters (more on her pen pal correspondences later). Currently living in Shanghai, Julie is hoping to attend an artist workshop on Cortes Island this summer and has created a brilliant opportunity for others to support her campaign.  Her packages of goodness for contributors to her trip are brilliant and hopefully put a fire in the belly of those with similar dreams.

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  1. Wendy

    Of course you would love those hearts!! The whole concept is something I can see you embracing.


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