Don’t get me wrong, National History Day is pretty cool. Despite the fact that it’s a little misleading becuase National History Day isn’t a day at all but an ongoing program where students engage in extensive research around some hostorical topic or theme, it certainly seems like an important and worthy endeavor. But that NHD isn’t the NHD on my mind today, because today is National Handwriting Day, and that’s a big deal with us, and where would history be without handwriting anyway? The historians will say “Lascaux” but I say “let’s go” write something down so that today’s writing will be tomorrow’s history and that’s a win win for all NHDers.

2 thoughts on “ NHD

  1. Cheryl Hauser

    I love that you mentioned NHD….so I must add that your brother-in-law (ak Blakers, my son) won the top award for his performance in the National Event when he was in High School and we flew to Washington DC for the award ceremony…yeah Blake!

  2. Blakers

    … But these days, I’d say the a national handwriting endeavor in our schools would be just as worthy a program as supporting history. For if we don’t support handwriting (not to be confuses with those nonsense kindergarden cursive tasks), it will soon become a part of history!


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