little awe

I love a good surprise. Seriously, if you ever want to put an instant grin on my face send me something I would least expect. And I can’t imagine this desire is too unusual especially for us Minnesoooootans living in the of midst of short, bitter January days. I’d say this is the ideal time to send out an unexpected card.

Over the past year I’ve compiled a stack of handwritten notes which were completely unpredictable and made me pause.

From the sweet thoughts from our neighbors…




 To pre-pregnancy life, a luncheon and a cheers for hosting a party…




I value these cards. Our lives are so busy and for someone to take the time to pick up a pen, write down a thought or two and throw it in the mail…well, it’s not too common these days. The cards which surprise me the most are from friends juggling a bit more stress than usual.



Even if you have no reason to write, find one. Place a little cheer, a little awe in a person’s life who might need a pick-me-up. It’s five minutes but could change someone’s day. This all sounds a bit “Hallmark-y” I admit. But there’s good that comes from the writing.

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