Cocoa Bellyache

Some people might think the last thing I need right now is a new journal. When I look at the current stack on my desk which stares at me most days…a journal for Emmett, one for Oliver, and another one for Beatrice, a travel journal, My Quotable Kid journal, a holiday journal and a personal journal, don’t I have my fill already? But here’s the deal; my days seem to be flying by and as much as I would hope to write every few days it’s simply not happening. Which is why, even three days into it, I am crazy about my new Five Year Diary.


Let me take a step back. In the early days of brown ink I blogged about a daily email I receive from where I often reply back with a one or two sentence statement of that day and it reminds me of details on random days in the past. Although this journaling system is obviously a bit anti brown ink, I love being reminded of what was going on in my life one week or one year ago.

Here’s (another) the deal; I cannot be sure on even the most wonderful of days that I will remember the details of my life. And I want to remember, not only for me but also for my children and their children. Yesterday’s entry in my new journal went something to the tune of “Went to the car wash and forgot my wallet. A stranger picked up the bill. Loved  x-country skiing in the sun around Isles while kids played at Sal & Jim’s. Inhaled rich cocoa from Angelina that Nonni brought home from Paris. Crazy bellyache.”


I’d like to remember these random moments that consume my life, be it in one year or 40 years from now. My entry tonight might not be so upbeat and that’s fine. The act of writing forces me to pause and maybe even slows down time. And because the 5 Year Diary only holds space for a few thoughts I don’t have the pressure to fill up page upon page detailing the last few weeks in my life. Triple hurray for this new journaling system to start the year with more frequent reflections. The kindness of a stranger. Sunny skiing. Cocoa bellyache. Life on 1/3/13.