Last week as Nick looked through our mail he questioned “Why are we receiving all of these postcards from strangers?” Ah ha, the postcard swap had begun. Had he forgotten a few weeks back finding me in the basement with a certain artist glow, as I watercolored and stamped postcards? It’s not that often I pick up a paint brush other than touching up nicks in the kitchen. So when I made a point of purchasing a paint set at Target (I admit, in the children’s section, but it’s still a paint set) I was nervous to see what might become of the piece. Being a perfectionist in certain areas in my life, I don’t usually gravitate toward challenges especially when it comes to the arts.

This time I surprised myself and was actually was pleased with it all. Honestly, the best part of the project was the unexpected enjoyment I felt creating art with my own hands and in a field where I do not ooze talent.

In the end, my attempt to create a Minnesota Fall sunrise turned out pretty well. Of course, the part of the assignment where we were asked to include a quote somehow escaped my mind which I find hysterical and so me. I can get a little caught up in the moment and forget the rules.

Hopefully the recipients in Ohio, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and New Zealand won’t notice the difference. From what I can tell from their postcards, these gals are laid back artists.

My favorite card was from Deborah who created her piece on an Artist Dates (watch for the term Artist Date later this month when I drool over The Artist’s Way). Watercolor paper with airbrush ink, stitched by a sewing machine was all she used. So simple yet lovely.

The idea for the swap came from Kara, who writes the blog I wanna be me when I grow up. She loves quotes and artful postcard swaps so decided to combine the two. I have a feeling there will be more to come. I know I’ll be joining her, this time with a quote and maybe, if I’m daring, a snowy Minnesota landscape.

3 thoughts on “ sunrise

  1. Cheryl Hauser

    Have to love that you have followed in your Mother’s footsteps in the art of touching up nicks in the baseboards or corners our homes. What a legacy! MOM

  2. lisa

    Beautiful sunrises Wendy. I’d swap with you anyday. I love the Artist’s Way! Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to…


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