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Every summer we head to the Oregon coast where we rent a house on the beach for a week. And at the end of our stay I make sure to share some of our memories in the house’s Guest Journal.

I page through the past entries, noticing how other guests have spent their time while staying at the Neahkanie Treasure and also looking back at our first years on the beach when our boys were just babies. There is usually some kind of consistency…sand castle making, wine consuming, relaxation. Either way, the journal welcomes us in each year and keeps our memories in a safe place.

Looking back, ever since college I’ve had a thing for Guest Books. My freshman year roommate and dear friend, Dana, would drag me (though I never fought) to Milwaukee for the weekends to enjoy a home-cooked meal and clean sheets at her mother’s home. I recall the first visit when I was struck by a Guest Book sitting on a bureau in their entry way. Where was I? An inn on Cape Cod? Kim, her mom, was not running any sort of B & B but she always made you feel welcomed and your presence was appreciated. The Guest Book was an extension to this authentic greeting.  I felt like a wanted, celebrated guest through documenting my time in their home with my own writing.

So lately I’ve been thinking, why not purchase a Guest Book for our friends and family to sign when they come to stay with us? Not only will it remind me of who visited over the years but hopefully it will provide the same welcome feeling I received in Milwaukee on those chilly Wisconsin nights.

With one of my childhood friends, Theresa, arriving from Des Moines to enjoy a girls’ weekend last month, I quickly purchased a Guest Book from faithful Paper Source.

And thus begins the documentation of visitors at the Brown’s home for hopefully years to come.

If this intrigues you to find one for your own home, look no further.

You can match the style and color of your home with this satin, rayon or leather Mi Casa Home Guest Book and personalize it with your family’s name.

I found this Guest Book to be simply odd. I suppose if you are a lover of books this guest journal might suit your home quite well.

This one reminds me of some kind of Bavarian Inn but it sure has warmth.

And of course for those of you who enjoy a second home up north, a welcoming Cabin Guest Book is a must.

Then again, a lovely generic journal is just as acceptable as any of these traditional Guest Books. At the end of the day, your guests’ own personal mark will hold the greatest meaning no matter what form the journal comes in. The ink cannot be replaced (neither can the memory of your kids waking your guests up at 5:45AM!!).

3 thoughts on “ Guests Take Note

  1. Amy

    Fabulous idea!! I am going to grab one, today!!!! We just visited a friend’s lake house yesterday, and were handed the guest book to sign. I was sad that there was only space enough for a signature and date, so I bent the rules and wrote a note over the next several signature lines! 🙂 Never dawned on me to have one of our own!

  2. Karen

    Growing up we had a wall designated for people to sign. Yes, with permanent marker! And my parents have a journal at their cabin. Oh what fun it is to look back at what I wrote when I was a teenager.

  3. vicki johnson craig

    For years, we use to keep a book on our coffee table that friends have written in and Carl and I would jot notes down about the day. I need to find that and get back on the coffee table. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂


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