Call Me Barbara

My friend Sherry recently shared with me the letter her dear son, Quinn, sent while enjoying two weeks at Camp Herzl this June. She in turn kindly allowed me to share. These correspondences are seriously one-of-a-kind.

Of course this inspired me to dash up to the attic to see what I could find from my own camp letters to my folks. I found some hysterical letters but I remember this particular Camp Greenwood being my first ‘sleep away’ camp, a Girl Scouts camp 45 minutes west from the Twin Cities.

It’s nice to see I sounded happy in my postcard since all I remember from that week is needing to wear the same pair of argyle knee socks the entire six days since the camp did not allow ankle-exposed bobby socks!! No joke.

I have to say, I do adore the postcard my parents sent off with me especially since I walk around this lake most days of the week. It all comes back around (Lake Harriet in the foreground, Lake Calhoun in the background).

Eloise Kelen, June ’12

Even if your kids are not heading off to camp, a letter to a school friend or a distant relative sharing all the goings-on this summer can be a breath of fresh air during this record breaking summer heat!!

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  1. Karen

    Isabel heads to camp tomorrow for 6 days. There are several stamped/self-addressed envelopes packed in her bag so all she has to do is write and send. I save these letters, too. What a treasure. It’s like a piece of her that I get to hold, smile and keep.


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