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So…it’s my due date today and I here I sit with Baby Brown on the brain. Luckily I’m feeling just fine, free of anxiety and have plenty of things left to cross out on my things-to-do-before-baby-arrives list. While I’m waiting for our little ‘cupcake’ to make his or her grand entrance to this side of the life I started thumbing through the new Baby Book. I noticed this beautiful Binth Baby Book forever ago at Pacifier in NE Mpls and thought it was the bees knees. So during one of their sales I couldn’t hold back and picked one up.

It’s the most lovely Baby Book I have ever seen, I have to say. Held in a keepsake box, it uses beautiful woodland illustrations to hold the memories from birth through the first three years. I can’t wait to get writing!!

If you or someone you know are expecting a bambino any time soon, there are many baby journals to select from.

Rag & Bone Bindery created this ribbon bound, Zinnia covered Baby’s First Book which includes pages to share how you select the baby’s name and expectations of the baby’s arrival.


Ruby Love Modern has created a modern twist on the Baby Book with over 150 different fabric covered albums and a handful of color schemes. A personalized treasure for your child to keep for years.


My mother always loved the Baby’s Journal she purchased from The Metropolitan Museum of Art for my younger brother. A classic style.



And leave it to Martha Stewart to make a simple suggestion (or not so simple) by creating DIY Book of Firsts to include Baby’s First and Memory Binder to hold the written materials from the first few months. Perfect for the crafty mommy-to-be.

All this baby journal talk pushed me to dig up my own baby book which my mother so wonderfully used over the years.

The yellow, silk cover has faded a bit over time and inherited a few stains here and there but what’s inside feels magical. It’s a time in my life which has been saved through my mother’s thoughtful writing.

And aside from the details of the birth day, hospital visitors, and the many “firsts,” the journal was a place to store all the other written material she held over the years.

Now as mother and co-parent, these are pages I hold tight. This is one of the possessions I hope to grab if ever I find myself racing out of the house holding a few irreplaceable material objects. Such is my appreciation I have for the importance my mother gave to documenting my early years. Thanks Mom!! Now, back to that baby arrival…


7 thoughts on “ Baby on the Brain

  1. Tara

    Ok- now I really have anxiety that I haven’t done my girls baby books!!! This may be the tug at my heart that I need to crack them open and get going. This is going to be my gift to myself to have this started and well put together before I turn 40. The gift of taking away my guilt! Love your new baby book and thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Wendy

      Thrilled to have inspired you, Tar!! But you only have three months – ha! Give yourself a year. xoxoxo

  2. Sarah

    What a wonderful way to end my day. This is perfect sister. I love seeing moms hand writing and Blake’s baby journal . These are gems.

    Sleep tight and Wendy and cupcake.

  3. David McNally

    Wonderful thoughts Wendy as we all wait with great anticipation for number three. I know where I’m placing my bet, but your Mom still may win the money!!!!!

  4. Cheryl Hauser

    Oh Wen, I love that you reconnected to your own books, written with such love for you so long ago. And are not those Brown babies lucky to have a writer as a Mom…we await cupcake’s arrival!

  5. Sue Astin

    Lovely blogging, Ms. Brown . . . now for the surprise delivery – I love that you don’t know who baby Brown is until the birth. Whoever he/she is, the baby is lucky to have you and Nick as parents . . . that is for sure! Sending you love, with hope that the baby arrives soon.

  6. Angell Magliulo

    The icing on the cupcake is the beautiful family in which baby will be born into! Love your post!


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