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Papa’s Day

This Sunday screams “let’s make dad feel extra special today” so let’s get to it, starting off with greeting cards. Many to choose from out there – here are some of my favs.

Chest Hair from Wit and Whistle

Best Father by Odd Ball Press

New Dad Card by Sad Shop

As far as gifts are concerned, think outside the expected golf clubs, grill kit or new boxers, (unless he still wears the ones with the holes…no comment), with these unique gifts he’ll be sure to remember.

Here’s a clever version to making your notebook personal for pops. Upload a handful of your favorite pictures of Dad and the family, and blurb will disperse them through a one-of-a-kind notebook. You choose on how many pages and then decide on blank, lined or graph paper.

Now that is cool!

For that dad who wishes he would have stuck with the band, surprise him with his own drumstick pencils.


It might feel like yesterday that your son was in diapers, jumping on the kindergarten bus or headed to overnight camp (time does fly as a parent, I feel it every day!). Your husband can celebrate this incredible bond with his son (or daughter) through For My Son, which stores memories, photos and mementos which are worth holding. A proven tear-jerker especially coming from a child.


This journal has a different twist, coming from the life of a father. My Dad: His Stories. His Words. asks dad questions all about his life, creating a keepsake to be treasured. You can include a coffee shop gift certificate inside and suggest a “dad date” with one of the children and they could listen to his stories as he writes them down.

For the devoted baseball coach, treat him to this Baseball Scorekeeper. New York Times sports columnist Stuart Miller has created a modern ballpark scorekeeper with handsome, handwritten ledgers and even a secure pocket for stashing game-day stubs and mementos.


This business card stamp from MaeMae Paperie is ideal for his work stationery, business cards, notecards and more. Help him honor the pen and paper with this stylish yet understated office supply which takes no creativity whatsoever. Obviously this will take longer than a week to arrive but print a copy from the website and let him know it’s on the way.

Of course, a handwritten Happy Father’s Day to the BEST Dad Around Town is about the best gift a father could receive.

Hats Off to the Grads

It’s graduation time with pomp and circumstance and other glories of the season. Let the celebrations begin.

When I started noticing all the graduation party invitations in the stores this spring, I thought of Nick’s high school Graduation Party invites which he hand wrote on postcards. Thankfully my mother-in-law, Sally, photo copied them all before dropping them into the mailbox. I haven’t heard the inside scoop from either one but I have a feeling it wasn’t a long conversation as to who would be doing the writing. Here are a few samples…

I mean, seriously. Sweat, Sink, Ribmaster J? I have to believe the average parent is not familiar with the inside nicknames their graduating senior has for his or her friends. So make it personal and let the kids do the writing while you pick up the snazzy invitation from the below selection. You can also make it personal by picking up stationery which has meaning to the students’s life – Nick sent postcards created in Seattle, the town where he was born.

Keep Calm


Hats Off 


And a few gift ideas for the graduate…

This Carpe Diem Journal from Chronicle is perfect for any young adult juggling ideas of what the future might hold for them (noticed it at Bibelot in Linden Hills as well).


I love making lists so I’d be tickled to receive this one. We sent My Future Listography to Nick’s sister in Seattle who is graduating from high school and carries plenty of hopes and dreams in her mind (Congrats Ev!). This can be found at Paper Source or Chronicle Books.

I recently received this Where will you be in five years from today? journal as a gift from my friend, Alix, based on where I might be with parenting 5 years down the road (we met in a Parent Education class) but this could easily be for a graduate, an inspiration as to what lies ahead.

The All Out of Pad could be the perfect gift to that freshman who might be all out of ramen noodles but, more importantly, needs a new tube of toothpaste.


And to make sure they have no excuse not to write you a letter, send them off with stamped addressed envelopes and pencils enclosed in this airmail pouch.


This pencil case might even get a professor or a new employer to take notice.


And just a reminder of how memories of graduation and high school were captured many years ago, take a peek at Louida’s graduation scrapbook from the 1920’s. Quite lovely in its simplicity.

And off they go, hopefully with a pencil alongside their many electronic gadgets, in hand.

Stationery Nirvana Part 1

I’ve been in a stationery fog this past week (being 34 weeks pregnant with insomnia probably doesn’t help. Ha!). It all started with last weekend’s National Stationery Show.  It’s this annual, mega-stationery trade show in NYC where all the hot-shot stores and designers, large and small, display their current paper products. My heart starts to beat faster when I imagine walking the aisles, scouring all the creative displays, letterpress cards, colorful notepads, etc. (As a side note, I have dreams of one day opening a brown ink paper store so you all can have direct access to the most unique, beautiful material around!).

For the past few weeks, I’ve been drooling over the many blogs featuring the hundreds of vendors, my favorite being Oh So Beautiful Paper with a 12-part series of the show.  Thought I’d share a few lines that caught my eye…

Studio Olivine from Portland, OR

Fat Bunny Press from San Francisco


Dear Hancock from LA


Banquet Atelier & Workshop from Vancouver

Sesame Letterpress from Brooklyn

Seedhouse from Philadelphia

Fine Day Press from Brooklyn

And Printerette Press from St.Paul. Speaking of local…

Since I was unable to attend the show this year, my other option was to create my own adventure. I decided to throw the boys in the minivan and take an afternoon trip to Mara-Mi in Stillwater, MN. Just to give you some background, I first noticed Mara-Mi at Target a few months ago. Their bold print and fantastic prices made it an easy purchase.

I soon realized this was the same stationery company my father had been raving about located right in his little old downtown. Of course it doesn’t hurt they sell tasty Izzy’s ice cream right there in the store just to help you get your happy feet on.

The store is not only filled with Mara-Mi lines (my favorite was the Bazaar Collection, see below), but they also sell Russell & Hazel, Moleskin, and more. I promise it’s worth a trip out east for you Twin Citians.

And just when you thought my week of paper madness ended in Stillwater, another local go-to stationery source, Lunalux, is back to their old tricks with tomorrow’s Stationery Saturday. With Father’s Day around the corner, they have dads in mind and are using a collection of lead dingbats including purple Jolly Roger, red griffin, green tree or blue pan.

If you can’t catch tomorrow’s run, head back to Lunalux for their Letterpress Lock-In, a part of the Northern Spark event June 9th-10th. And please report back to brown ink all about the overnight letterpress creations! Now off to dream of paper clouds.