Hats Off to the Grads

It’s graduation time with pomp and circumstance and other glories of the season. Let the celebrations begin.

When I started noticing all the graduation party invitations in the stores this spring, I thought of Nick’s high school Graduation Party invites which he hand wrote on postcards. Thankfully my mother-in-law, Sally, photo copied them all before dropping them into the mailbox. I haven’t heard the inside scoop from either one but I have a feeling it wasn’t a long conversation as to who would be doing the writing. Here are a few samples…

I mean, seriously. Sweat, Sink, Ribmaster J? I have to believe the average parent is not familiar with the inside nicknames their graduating senior has for his or her friends. So make it personal and let the kids do the writing while you pick up the snazzy invitation from the below selection. You can also make it personal by picking up stationery which has meaning to the students’s life – Nick sent postcards created in Seattle, the town where he was born.

Keep Calm


Hats Off 


And a few gift ideas for the graduate…

This Carpe Diem Journal from Chronicle is perfect for any young adult juggling ideas of what the future might hold for them (noticed it at Bibelot in Linden Hills as well).


I love making lists so I’d be tickled to receive this one. We sent My Future Listography to Nick’s sister in Seattle who is graduating from high school and carries plenty of hopes and dreams in her mind (Congrats Ev!). This can be found at Paper Source or Chronicle Books.

I recently received this Where will you be in five years from today? journal as a gift from my friend, Alix, based on where I might be with parenting 5 years down the road (we met in a Parent Education class) but this could easily be for a graduate, an inspiration as to what lies ahead.

The All Out of Pad could be the perfect gift to that freshman who might be all out of ramen noodles but, more importantly, needs a new tube of toothpaste.


And to make sure they have no excuse not to write you a letter, send them off with stamped addressed envelopes and pencils enclosed in this airmail pouch.


This pencil case might even get a professor or a new employer to take notice.


And just a reminder of how memories of graduation and high school were captured many years ago, take a peek at Louida’s graduation scrapbook from the 1920’s. Quite lovely in its simplicity.

And off they go, hopefully with a pencil alongside their many electronic gadgets, in hand.

10 thoughts on “ Hats Off to the Grads

  1. Chip Longacre

    You amaze me everytime I open a new entry to your wonderful blog, and now I open them soon after they arrive because I look forward to all the creativity and orginality that each contains. You brighten my day and I am proud of you. Thanks for all the beauty you shower on me and all of us in oh so many demensions, Dad.

  2. Jeannine Balfour

    Hi Wendy,
    This is so amazing.What a great thing to be able share. Hats off to Nick for writing these great notes to his friends, to his mother for having the foresight to save them, and to Wendy for posting them. And I bought one of those pencil cases for Woody for Father’s Day. He’s going to love it!

  3. Sue Astin

    I have to agree with your dad – I, too, look forward to your blog. You are a great writer, and your topics are very creative. . . amazing that Nick’s mom saved the postcards! It was a pleasant surprise to see you yesterday – LOVE the belly – can’t wait to see what’s inside of it!

  4. Gail

    I love Nick’s invites! That is so great that his mom took pictures. Hopefully Ribmaster and Kitchen Sink are still in the life of Sweat. Who doesn’t need a Sink and Ribmaster once in awhile?

  5. Wendy

    Ribmaster and Kitchen Sink are completely still in Nick’s life which makes it all even more meaningful!
    And thanks for all the wonderful comments.

  6. Dan Zadra

    Wendy, I am the author of the “5” book (0ne of the gifts you recommended for grads in your latest blog). Your blog/website is beautifully done and the spirit is luminous. Makes me so proud to my book on your site. Keep up the great messaging. Live inspired! Dan Zadra, founder Compendium, Inc.

    1. Wendy

      I appreciate your thoughtful comments, Dan. We hope to continue to inspire our readers as you do the same. Cheers.

  7. Amy

    Catching up on your great blog posts. So thrilled by the creative graduation gifts in this post! I’ve been struggling for something fun this year – these are very inspiring!!

  8. Evelyn

    ah and the creative graduation gifts are SUPERB. my thank you letter has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a few weeks now but it will make it to the mailbox soon i promise! i just saw this awesome post and THANK YOU. you know me well, i too love list making and it’s very fulfilling to chalk up the pages with ideas. we will talk soon about summer plans? so much love to the minneapolis browns!

  9. Wendy

    Right back at you Auntie Ev. Thanks for supporting the letter writing movement. I owe you one!! xo


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