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Fresh Designs Deserve Attention

If you are looking for an excuse to write or in the market for some new stationery, you must check out these selections of card stock, all with an easy-go-breezy feeling. Having these notes on hand (at home, work, glove compartment, gym locker) will make the thank you’s, I miss you’s, and sorry for my hot temper expressions, that much easier to get down on paper.

Succulents are one of my favorite plants and these cards from Shop Pink Moon gets me dreaming of potting plants in the warmer months to come. Fresh & simple.

This one from Ship & Shape screams summer camp, which is on the minds of many these days. I can’t help but love the letterpress print on cotton paper using hand mixed colors.

Being almost mid-April, why not get on the ball with the ‘End of the Year’ Teachers Gifts? This monogram card set from C Wonder will make any teacher forget about the hamster incident or what Lucy screamed to Wally on the playground. At least it can’t hurt.

Good news! Minneapolis has reached a new level in the interior design world with the arrival of the Jonathan Adler store right here in little old Uptown. I just happened to be walking by on opening day and, aside from enjoying the warm welcome with cupcakes-in-hand and all, I couldn’t help but grab these retro, prepster Thank You cards for future salutes. Both masculine and feminine.

My friend Therese introduced me to these beautifully handmade cards created by a local company, The Saffron Moon. The stationery is made in India but sold at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and online. To quote them directly, “We love the beauty of hand made paper products and feel that when given it creates a bond that is a gesture that something beautiful and unique was given from one to another.” Bingo.

With Earth Day just a few weeks away, thought we’d get a sneak preview of the “green” cards available these days. These Solar-Flare Raspberry cards from Kate Blair Designs are made on 100% recycled white card stock. Great to have on hand for any need.

This inspiring 1960’s style card from Flint Lock Design is made on recycled paper placed in a biodegradable sleeve. Get your green on folks!!! And if these don’t work, grab some magazines and create your own collage of images and designs on used paper. Honestly, whatever you place a stamp on and drop in the mail will be appreciated by the recipient. It’s that easy.

Happy spring, happy green.

Bawk! Bawk!

Being Easter weekend and not the craftiest mom on the block, I conveniently found an Easter Pencil making kit at Michael’s the other week. Between these and some bunny & egg stamped cards with Emmett’s stenciled flower basket work, our creative genes showed up just in time.  Thanks Easter Bunny!! Bawk! Bawk!

(And for the kids of the 80’s, I could not resist this youtube throw back. Esp. for you, sis.)

The Unappreciated Pencil

Spring is here and with that comes tulips, cool air and the green jacket. Oh yes, it’s time for The Masters. And although I’d rather be driving a golf cart while sipping on a Bootleg versus playing the game, I find there’s comfort in a tradition which comes down to one thing. The pencil written score card.

The history of keeping score while playing golf goes back almost 100 years but no golf history book devotes so much as one line to the pencil’s on-course origins. When did golfers first use pencils? When did courses start stamping their names on them? No one seems to know. But one thing is for certain, no one can actually sharpen these pencils because a normal sharpener eats up too much of the short pencil and can go into the lettering. Golf pencils need that narrow tip. However, there is a rumor floating on the greens; to give the pencils sharp tips without ruining their distinct shape, an eyeliner pencil sharpener from a woman’s makeup kit works wonders. Only for the pros of course.

Here are a few pencils options to keep your game fresh…

 Scorecard Pencils


Custom Printed Golf Size Hex Pencil


Or for the golfer who likes to display his used pencils from memories on the links:


Of course our kids would prefer the lego version


The only place I could track down an authentic Augusta National Golf Club Masters Scorecard pencil was on ebay. Looks like the next best option is improving your game.


One of the players at this year’s Masters has started quite the following as far as his pencil needs. Scott Stalling has been using his Augusta National pencil as a good luck charm ever since he found one during a tournament last summer and it seems to have worked thus far. He’s collected over 500 Masters pencils from fans although he’s still using that original pencil and maybe that was just enough motivation for him to qualify for this year’s tournament (he did). Here’s a guy who understands the power of the pencil. There would be no game without one.