Old School Arrival

The other week I was coming back from my last run around the lake, (Baby Brown has had enough up and down movement for this pregnancy), when I noticed a tentative mail carrier leaving our home. This was an unusually early time to receive mail although I was more curious why this woman was walking away with such caution. As she drove off I noticed an odd figure hanging from our mailbox. I started to laugh out loud. Hard.

Our Pigeon Post had arrived! Recently Sally, my mother-in-law, had mentioned something out of the ordinary would be arriving via mail. She hinted what this might be only to me.  The pigeon was originally sent from cousins in San Marino, CA who had read my holiday gift post and loved the idea of the Pigeon Post from Letter Writers Alliance.   I never thought we’d be fortunate enough to receive the carrier pigeon ourselves. So I left the goofy looking bird hanging from the mailbox for the boys to see that afternoon. Their mouths dropped when they returned home from school.

After reading the letter sent from Sally & Bobbi, we learned that “Pat the Pigeon” was originally Guru Govind Singh the 118th in retirement from the India Post service. He was one of the best service pigeons, being clocked at a top speed of 125km per hour. Sounds as though Guru is a mentor to the other pigeons serving the LWA in its regular delivery service. Who knew? The boys were hooked. The idea that at one time letters were delivered by pigeons had tackled their imaginations. Who should we send the pigeon to next was a burning question soon on their minds.


A few weeks later Oliver and I handed Pat the Pigeon to a kind mailman sitting in his delivery van (LWA suggests dropping it in the mailbox but we thought the letter carrier might get a kick out of the bird). He had witnessed a coconut being sent through the mail but a pigeon was the first. So watch your mailboxes, readers. Pat could be arriving at your door any minute now.


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  1. Kathy Zadrozny

    Wendy, thanks for sharing your experience with the LWA Pigeon – I love how the postman hung the bird from his tail hook! Would it be OK if I used that image on the LWA site with credit back to you? (- Kathy from the LWA)


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