Mail from the Mississippi

A few days ago my friend Jenny mentioned a story on NBC’s Nightly News which I had to share with you all. Lois Hayes, the retired second school teacher who lives in Mississippi, never forgets a student’s birthday. After 40 years of teaching, and even after retirement, she is still sending out birthday cards, over 400 a year.  “I’ve always wanted to make them know they’re special,” is the reason why she writes.  A lady making a difference, through the US Mail no doubt. See the whole story here.

Also wanted to mentioned a gathering which I’ve brought up in the past. If you are in the Twin Cities don’t miss out on tomorrow’s Stationery Saturday at the downtown Minneapolis Lunalux.

This month you’ll have the chance to create folded notecards, using a stunning set of 36-point lead letters rarely seen. And if you’re feeling adventurous, Lunalux encourages their customers to operate the hand-cranked proof press on their own. No need to head to the gym. These cards are perfect gifts or for yourself. I love the idea of placing a photo on the inside left page while writing affections on the right. I will see you there tomorrow afternoon and if you can’t make it try again on April 7th or May 5th. Happy writing.

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  1. Sarabeth

    This warms my heart! (I’m from MS) I just discovered your blog and love it! I am a fellow letter writer and deeply feel that letters are important! I also think birthdays are special and everyone needs to receive a card from someone they love. 🙂


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