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Tomorrow is the day your loved one is expecting a card from you. Yes…you. If, by chance, you have not found the ideal card for your sweetheart, (or if you find yourself in some other unusually sticky “I really need a great greeting card” situation), you might want to contact David Ellis Dickerson, a former greeting card writer for Hallmark and now a freelance greeting card emergency solver.

This past Sunday morning I caught an interview on NPR’s Weekend Edition with David where he discussed how to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day card. The interview lead me to his Greeting Card Emergency youtube stories where he solves some interesting “card giver” dilemmas. LOL stories these are. And if you are really moved by David check out his memoir, House of Cards, where he shares tales of his time with Hallmark.

If nothing suits your fancy at the end of your greeting card search, simply write down one heartfelt thought to drop in the mailbox for that someone who may or may not be expecting a Valentine’s Day card. It will not only warm their heart but likely a bit of yours too. Or…








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