Cupid is Sharpening His Arrow

The day after Christmas I ran to Paper Source to check for their annual holiday sale where I always stock up on cards, invites, and gift tags. Although the sight of the welcoming Valentine’s Day section made me gasp,  I shouldn’t have been surprised. Approximately 144 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year (not including packaged valentines for classroom exchanges), making Valentine’s Day the second-largest holiday for greeting cards. Hallmark first offered Valentine’s Day cards in 1913 and currently they create more than 1,400 Valentine’s Day greeting card designs. Let’s just say you have no excuse for not finding the perfect card for that special someone this year. So here go my favs this year.


If you are anything like my husband and gravitate towards the blank cards so you’re able to create your own message, then this card is for you. Created by MarMar Superstar, you can check them out online or stop by Gallery 360 in Minneapolis.


I found these postcards on my new favorite site, Ship & Shape, and knew they would be dynamite to mail to friends. Who doesn’t want to look at the world through rose colored, heart shaped shades most days of the week?


For the Valentine’s Day card that keeps on giving, send your sweetheart an actual wooden heart to hang and remind them of your enduring love. This mail-friendly construction kit from Finland includes everything they need to enjoy the European designed heart.

J.Falkner has created a line of cards using bright Palm Beach colors with chic images and playful phrases. This Valentine’s Amazed card will bring out the lighthearted side in anyone.



And then comes the kiddos. It’s hard for me to deny them their love of Star Wars on this particular holiday especially when each of these Valentine’s comes with its own pencil. That sealed the deal for me. Target always comes through. But where’s the creativity you say?



Look no further than Paper Source of course. I’m not sure who’s looking more forward to making the Love Bugs, Puppies and Kittens Cards, the boys or me. Emmett was with me one afternoon when we stopped at Paper Source and he went crazy for these cards. Lots of opportunity for the boys to be clever and use their noggins when creating and scribbling out their own Valentine’s greetings.

Lastly, I need to give another round of applause to Paper Source for these sweet letterpress tags. Rather than use them for gift tags, why not write multiple messages to your beloved and hide them all around the house, car, or wallet. I understand Valentine’s Day is a bit commercial but why not shower the person who rocks your world with the attention they deserve? And while you’re at it, buy some chocolate for yourself.

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