Rocket Ships and Moons

Last spring I brought Emmett to his first journal making class given by my friend Beth Bogle at eeCee bb. To give you just a little background on Beth, not only does she design and hand make the most beautifully unique yet wearable clothes, she also collaborates with children and adults in designing their own clothes, journals, doll clothes and more. It’s a wonderful organic process to watch.


Although Emmett is normally hesitant to try new things, especially when it comes to crafts, he took to the warm environment immediately and started sketching ideas for his journal cover. Not too long into the process we narrowed down on his favorite, which at the time, were rocket ships and moons. Soon Beth started finishing off the end seams with red and blue string which matched his drawings. Emmett carried such a proud smile walking away from the studio. It’s now become his travel journal and who knows what else it will hold in the future.


Fortunately, for all of you looking for something to keep your kids busy over the holiday break, Beth will be featuring two designers’ studio sessions. Check them out:

Journal Design Studio is scheduled for Wednesday, December 28th from 1-3. $28 per designer.

Doll Design Studio is Thursday, December 29th from 1-3. Here’s a chance for your kids to make cashmere hats and scarves for their dolls – Bring your doll and a friend!  $28 per designer.

eeCee bb is located on 4409 Beard Ave South, behind Turtle Bread.

You can schedule your session either via phone at 612.812.3212 or email Beth at If it’s last minute you are welcome to show up and see if space is open.


The wonderful aspect about kids beginning to journal at a young age is the freedom they feel when opening the pages for whatever reason reason they wish. Maybe it shapes into a travel journal or a list-making notebook. Or they might decide to collect leaves or stamps and display their book. Either way, not only is the journal their very own, but it was created by their busy minds and messy hands. That’s pretty cool.



P.S. If you are open this Sunday, stop by the studio between noon and five for an eeCee bb Sale with items ranging from $10-$30 for kids as well as other items 20% off. Feel free to email Beth to be placed on her mailing list for future sales and designers’ studios.

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