December Arrival

Thanksgiving had not even arrived yet when I gently suggested to my family we watch White Christmas which had been patiently waiting on top of the DVD player for weeks. It was snowing outside and the four (actually, just three) of us had been bopping to the holiday radio station that day while running errands in the snow storm so it was not completely a forced effort. My point is I jump at the chance to celebrate the holiday season.

So you could imagine my excitement when finding the advent card at Bibelot the other day. The combination of a holiday tradition combined with a greeting card was too good to be true. If you haven’t picked up your advent calendar this year this small size will suit you just fine. A window of unknown beauty waiting for you each morning. Can’t get much better than that. (One of you lucky subscribers should have received the card in your mailbox today!!! Love surprises.)

Before I sign off, I must mention a video sent to me from my friend Gabby at Peevish Mama. I think she’s one of the coolest bloggers around town. Check out her Music Monday posts. She’s always finding the hottest, new tunes & videos and frequently hits live shows. This particular video hit home with brown ink. Enjoy.

Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo.

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