I could tell you from across the room what the handwriting of my best friends looks like. I could identify my mom’s printing from the next town over. One friend writes in all caps, one uses no caps, and another looks like he’s still in 4th grade. It’s funny, but how these friends write is, more often than not, a good reflection of who they are as people. Go figure. Furthermore, I’d guess my friends would all recognize my writing from a mile away, too. When learning how to print I tended to treat the lines on the page more as suggestions and less as firm boundaries. To this day my writing seems to float around the imaginary lines pretty freely.


But fortunately or unfortunately, that free form doesn’t really matter. Who cares? I don’t write anything that people see and nobody holds me task to stay inside the lane. Too bad I say.

Our writing styles usually represent, at least directionally, who we are and it’s a loss that our kids, perhaps, won’t know what their friends’ writing looks like. I intend to make sure that my kids’ friends will have my kids’ writing nailed, floaty or not, from a mile away.

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