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One of the biggest difficulties with keeping a journal, be it daily or monthly, is finding the time to write. I struggle with this myself. I’ll make a pledge to open my journal every morning before the chaos of the house begins.  However, when you have a three year old who rises most mornings anywhere from 5:00-6:30 any chance of consistency is thrown out the window.

Which leads me to the evenings. I visualize myself climbing into bed around 9…magazines, hardcover novel, the co-op newsletter and my journal & pen in hand ready to accomplish quite a bit. In reality, I tend to lean toward the magazine for cooking inspiration first, then the co-op newsletter followed by a battle of the book vs. the journal. It’s 50/50 on what wins out. But by this time my eyelids feel like bricks and my writing begins to slowly tilt downward and not make sense. A sudden flashback from Pysch 101 freshman year enters my mind as my friend, Liz, wakes me up to point out I’m not only writing nonsense but drool is soaking my notebook. Mm. There are many successful journal entries in the evenings, so all is not lost at this time of day, but consistency is elusive.

This all comes to mind when I receive a daily email from ohlife.com which gives members an opportunity to jot down how their day went, hoping to collect a “really neat collection of life stories.” My good friend JD sent the site my way as a potential brown ink blog post, assuming it would be used as HOW NOT to record your days details. Little does she know, I’ve actually been using it quite often. I know I know, practice what you preach. There are plenty of evenings I delete the email when I don’t feel like taking the 30 seconds, if that, to record my day. However, there are many nights when writing down a sentence or two is therapeutic and makes me stop and think.  One interesting reason ohlife keeps pulling me back is it reminds me what I’ve written two weeks or 92 days ago. I’m usually amazed at how fast time has flown or how well we moved through another battle of the ups and downs of life in the Brown house.

However, ohlife is ultimately not for me. Herein lies the main reasons why I will not resort to using the online journal. One, these little memories live in cyberspace vs. my bedroom side table. A bit creepy. Two, in 20 years where will I go to read how I lived my 39th year in life? Lastly, with each day brings a different energy and this can be seen in the location I write, in the pen I use, in the width of my W. And I find this just as important as the recorded words.

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